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  • VeriJobs is hiring in Durg-Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Click here.
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showroom manager
Workplace: Raipur
2 Openings
Sales Person
Workplace: Durg
1 Openings
Workplace: Bhilai
2 Openings
Sales Executive
Workplace: Dalli Rajhara
5 Openings
Counter Manager
Workplace: Durg
1 Openings

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What People Says About Us

Pawan Kumar ‘33,
Business Owner @ Rishi Traders
"Verijobs offers a very convenient and easy way to look for all kind of candidates as per our requirements. We appreciate their initiative."
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Vinod Agrawal ‘34,
Business Owner @ Shyam Sales
"I say, VeriJobs is offering what every employer was wanting to get, In addition it is quite simple"

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Rahul Jain ‘27,
Business owner @ Reliance DSA
"I used to be in the regular hiring requirements. It was a great concern for me to reach right people, with VeriJobs it becomes really easy, Congratulations to team"

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Rajan Das ‘23,
Job Seeker
"I was looking for job, I tried all options but couldn't get the right job. With VeriJobs it was quite easy, I got job offers on my mobile. The best part is it is Absolutely FREE!!"

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Akhsay Gupta ‘42,
Owner IT Insitute
"I run a computer insitute, I was always worried about placement of my students, As institute owner I had no option. Thanks to VeriJobs for providing placement solutions for institutes like us. Now I feel quite confident in frontof students"

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