Do’s & Dont’s


Do prepare for all the possible technical & HR interview question & answers. Have an idea of interview location and how long it takes to reach beforehands. Plan your travel to interview location to arrive 15 minutes early.

Always take bathe, brush your teeth, wear neat and ironed clothes before going the interview.

Do meet the receptionist or other office people with courtesy and respect.

Do fill application forms neatly, completely and accurately, avoid overwriting.

Always carry extra copies of resumes to the interview.

Do shake hands firmly & have a smiling face.

Do maintain good eye contact with your interviewer(s) while talking but don’t stare.

Do avoid using poor language, slang, and pause words (such as “like,” “uh,” and “um”).

Do have a high confidence and energy level,

Do avoid controversial topics, make sure that your good points come across to the interviewer


Don’t just rely on your application or resume to do the selling for you.

Don’t memorize or over-rehearse your answers.

Don’t chew gum or anything else during the interview.

Don’t smoke before interview.

Don’t tell jokes or stories during the interview.

Don’t be too soft-spoken. A forceful voice projects confidence.

Don’t be overly aggressive.

Don’t say anything negative about former colleagues, supervisors, or employers.

Don’t answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no.” Explain whenever possible.

Don’t bring up or discuss personal issues or family problems.

Don’t respond to an unexpected question with an extended pause.

Don’t answer cell-phone calls during the interview,

Don’t inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, or other benefits until after you’ve been confirmed for a job offer.

Don’t ever not ask any questions — it shows a lack of interest.