Terms & Conditions
  1. www.verijobs.com site & its sub domains are managed and operated by E-World a proprietary firm whose office is at Bhilai. This site may be used synonymously to VeriJobs, site, website or any of its sub-domains or affiliate sites or other network system hereafter.
  2. The term candidate(s) refers to all individuals or groups who have applied to VeriJobs for registration or are using any kind of services from VeriJobs directly or indirectly as job seeker and may be used synonymously to job seeker(s), employee(s), subscriber(s), User(s) hereafter.
  3. The term Employer(s) refers to all individuals or groups who have applied to VeriJobs for registration or are using any kind of services from VeriJobs directly or indirectly as an Employer and may be used synonymously to Company(ies), Recruiter(s), Client(s) Organization(s), Firm(s) hereafter.
  4. The term institute(s) refers to all individuals or groups who have applied to VeriJobs for registration or are using any kind of services from VeriJobs directly or indirectly as institute(s) or on behalf of their past & present student(s) and may be used synonymously to Vocational training provider(s), VTP(s), Colleges(s), Training institute(s), Coaching(s), You hereafter.
  5. The term Profile(s) refers to any kind of data provided, uploaded including post registration updates in whole or part by candidate or employer or institute upon registration and may be used synonymously to Resume(s), CV(s), Data, information, Detail(s) etc.
  6. The term Communication refers to any kind of information sent or received in physical or electronic form related to services, offers, promotions or updates etc.(Including but not limited to SMS, Email, Chat, Post, Phone Call etc.)
  7. VeriJobs holds the right to reject or hold any institute’s application submitted online or offline without assigning any reason.
  8. Institute which is registered with government and/or authorized by any parent organization which is registered with government agencies is eligible to register on verijobs.
  9. By uploading students profile to verijobs, institute acknowledges to have sufficient permission from students. Institute’s details may be shared to students who are registering/uploading their profile at verijobs.
  10. Institute should upload only job aspiring & interested student’s profile on verijobs.
  11. Institute should verify all information related to students profile like Mobile no., Education, Email Id etc. before uploading.
  12. Students registered through institute may not be OTP verified. It is sole responsibility of institute to provide correct information.
  13. Institute may not have authority to edit, delete its registered candidate’s profile once uploaded.
  14. Each student as either individual or as one in bulk registered by their institutes is by default subjected to all terms and condition applicable to job seekers. It is sole responsibility of the institute that it should explain the terms & conditions to student(s) & take their signed acknowledgement in written before uploading their profile to verijobs.
  15. VeriJobs or employer(s) may send alerts or other information on email, mobile or phone calls, SMS, post, chat or by any other such means of communication. institute must agree to get these communications even it has opted for do not disturb services or any such services on its registered no. or contact no.
  16. Institute’s information may be used or shared in present & future by VeriJobs and its partner, sister or any profiting companies to its founders, partners or people directly or indirectly associated with VeriJobs.
  17. By submitting institute information institute must agree to these terms & conditions and must abide by them.
  18. These terms & conditions may be modified, updated at any time without prior notice and without assigning reasons.
  19. The service charges may be applicable for VeriJobs services.
  20. The service charges and offers may be changed, updated at any time without prior notice and without assigning reasons.
  21. VeriJobs would not be held liable for loss of any data technical or otherwise, or of the profile or particulars supplied by institute due to acts of god as well as reasons beyond its control like corruption of data or delay or failure to perform as a result of any cause(s) or conditions that are beyond VeriJobs's reasonable control including but not limited to strikes, riots, civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, distributed denial of service attacks, virus attacks, war and natural calamities.
  22. VeriJobs has the right to make all kind of modifications/editing of profile in order to fit profile in its database or to publish to website.
  23. The institute may or may not be assigned a password (s) by VeriJobs to access its services; if assigned then the sole responsibility of the safe custody of the password shall be that of the institute and VeriJobs shall not be responsible for data loss/theft of data/corruption of data or the wrong usage/misuse of the password.
  24. The institute represents that the registering person is authorized, not a minor and is not under any legal or other disability which limits his/her ability to agree with these Terms or to install and use the services subscribed. institute further represent that it is not purchasing the products/services for resale to others.
  25. On registration you agree to: a) Making your profile searchable on VeriJobs who subscribe to VeriJobs’s services. You may be contacted by such people via SMS, email, post, call, chat or any such means of communication. VeriJobs will not be held responsible for such communications received by you. b) Receive alerts (via SMS, emails, post, calls or other such means) as entered on website. c) Receive promotional mailers/special offers.
  26. The agreement between a institute and VeriJobs will be treated as having been terminated in the following events: ( i ) On completion of the term for which the institute engages the services of the website; or ( ii ) In case the institute violates any of the conditions of this agreement or any other agreement entered into by it with VeriJobs, however, such termination will be at the option and discretion of VeriJobs; or ( iii ) On writing and on such terms as agreed mutually.
  27. The institute does not claim any copyright or other Intellectual Property Right over the data including student profile(s) uploaded by it on the website, Additionally your profile & data uploaded with all updates is also made a part of VeriJobs's database.
  28. VeriJobs neither guarantees nor offers any warranty about the credentials of the prospective people who download the information and uses it to contact the prospective institute.
  29. This subscription is not transferable i.e. it is for the same institute throughout the period of subscription.
  30. The institute undertakes that any data or information provided by it is true and correct in all respects.
  31. The institute shall have no right to demand any information regarding to whom the institute’s profile has been sent or shared and VeriJobs would be under no legal or other obligation to disclose/reveal the particulars.
  32. The amount paid (if any) entitles the institute alone to the service by VeriJobs for a period of subscription opted for from the date of service activation.
  33. institute is agreeing to receive information from VeriJobs, till the tenure of the service.
  34. VeriJobs does not take any responsibility for any communication by VeriJobs or others not been sent or delivered due to any reason.
  35. The service or communications will be delivered on the contact information (mobile number, phone number, email, etc) provided at the time of registration of the service, and will continue on the new contact information if changed by the institute .
  36. institute’s verified information based on the inputs provided by it in the registration form may be shown on VeriJobs.com; therefore it is advisable that institute should keep the correct & active info on its profile on website.
  37. VeriJobs may share personally identifiable data and all such information for its own purposes including sending promotional mailers etc and in response to legal process.
  38. The institute to website or affiliated site(s) (if any) is prohibited from introducing/posting or transmitting information or software, which contains false/objectionable/offensive material or computer virus or other harmful components on the website or sub-domains or on any affiliate sites or any other network system.
  39. Jurisdiction for any disputes arising out shall be Durg (Chhattisgarh, India) to the exclusion of all other courts.
  40. Disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable.
  41. Registration presumes that the institute has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions.